Ageing & Disability Courses

One of the biggest sectors for employment in Australia is the care industry, specially the aged care and disability sector. Likewise, to other developed nations, Australia is expected to have an ageing population due to increased life expectancy. The aged care and disability industry is challenged by a lack of carers due to the rising demand for care services. Obtaining a qualification and the relevant training and knowledge is the first step in becoming a worker in the care business. To enable people, compete effectively for the chance to work in the elderly care profession, we offer the certifications to satisfy industry-specific needs.

Enrolling in a course at Encourage Training College that focuses on elderly care is the first step towards becoming a care professional. The knowledge and abilities they require to be able to obtain positions in an elderly care institution are provided by
these courses.

We provide qualifications to fulfil needs, and we may assist students in competitively preparing for opportunities to find work as an aged care professional.

At Encourage Training College, instruction is given in a collaborative setting to develop practical skills. We also prepare for actual circumstances. Students can compete for exciting employment prospects in personal assistance, respite care, household care, and community care after finishing aged care courses.

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