About Us

Encourage Training College is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 45622) that provides dynamic, innovative, and high-quality training to individuals who are interested in pursuing job roles in aged, community and residential facilities.

Our course delivery approach includes blended learning with face-to-face and distance components that streamlines the entire training program. We gives the learners time to complete the required amount of learning, challenges them with practical activities under supervision, and then gather results for the assessment.

We have highly qualified trainers and assessors with industry experience as well as experienced staff. Our leadership team has over 10 years of accumulated experience in the aged care industry. As such, we are committed to providing quality training to our learners.


About Us

Our Mission

Encourage Training College aims to be an RTO that offers high quality and top of the line training with the use of quality equipment and by employing professional trainers that are highly involved and knowledgeable in the industry. We aim to be an RTO that produces students who are work-ready and highly willing to serve and be a part of the community. We hope to achieve this by preparing students with the necessary skills to be competent in the work that they do and developing them not just too highly skilled but highly knowledgeable and involved in the industry and community as well.

In addition, Encourage Training College aims to build a learning environment that is interactive, diverse, and can provide support for students of different cultural backgrounds.

Our Vision

Encourage Training College believes that to be a reputable RTO, it is our duty to deliver quality community and health care training all over Australia.

We aim to deliver courses at the highest standard and be able to produce and develop competent and confident carers into the individual care and support industry.

What Our Students Say